Damaged Drain Pipe
Preparing Surface for Repair Patch
Applying Repair Patch
Finished Repair Patch Installed

Accidents happen, and when this drainage pipe was accidentally pierced while landscaping, the black rugged repair patch was a perfect solution.

To repair, the pipe was prepped by cleaning away mud and debris, and then the rigid patch was heated up to become formable and elastic. Then, once the patch was fully flexible, the red protective backing is removed exposing the adhesive, and the patch is wrapped around the pipe and allowed to cool, making the patch rigid again and creates a waterproof seal.

Because the patch is rigid, the pipe is actually stronger at this location, making it more resistant to piercing in the future.

Do not use Rugged Repair Patches  on pressurized pipes. The adhesive backing is only strong enough for low-pressure pipes like drainage.


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