Rugged Repair Patches


Rugged Repair Patches are thermoplastic patches with an industrial strength adhesive, ideal for repairing moderate to severe damage such as breaks, cracks, holes, and adds additional protection against impact and abrasion.

Each patch is rigid at room temperature, and when heated up, the patch becomes flexible to be formed into any shape, and returns to a rigid form once cooled for added strength and durability.

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I have purchased you Gemini Patches twice, and fixed 2 different kayaks. Now, everyone around here thinks I am a professional kayak repairman!

Bill G.

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of patches from you to repair a crack in my whitewater kayak. The repair went well and the boat is not taking on water after a few days out on rivers with lots of rocks.

Joe M.

“I’ve had a few boaters come up to me on the river and ask me about the patches on the bottom of my Octane 85. I wanted to wait until I had really stress-tested this material that Rob Cassam turned me on to before recommending it. The Pigeon Dry Gorge at 400 cfs provided the test, and the material passed — even the big patch right under the saddle that’s covering three welds, when I accidentally strafed a piece of sharp road blasted rock. So when you’ve welded, cracked, welded and cracked again, weld one more time and apply this stuff to the outside of the hull. It’s flexible, tough and a lot less expensive than a new boat.”

Harrison Metzger