Keel Guards


Patch N’ Protect Keel Guards are 1.5″ x 42″ thermoplastic sheets with an industrial strength adhesive, ideal for adding additional protection against impact and abrasion along the bottom of your kayak. Each pack includes two 1.5″ x 42″ Keel Guards.

Each patch is rigid at room temperature, and when heated up, the patch becomes flexible and can be formed into any shape, and returns to a rigid form once cooled down for added strength and durability. Patches can be cut to any shape using heavy-duty scissors.

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“I own a canoe & kayak livery in north central Indiana. The Tippecanoe River here in our area is mostly sand & gravel bottom. As you can image in the rental business our canoes get abused.

The worst areas for wear is the keels at the front & rear of the boats. I have been trying different types of protection over the years, which none of them were satisfactory for me, then I stumbled onto Gemini Patches! WOW!

After an initial test, I ordered another 60 pieces. I have installed all of those and will be ordering another batch to put on the entire fleet of our canoes & kayaks. I have also installed some on some friends kayaks & canoes.

We are all very happy. The keel protector patches we use are very rugged abrasive resistant, and the adhesive backing is very very strong. Properly installed they are what I have searching for years. Great product! Highly recommend for longevity of anyone’s boats!”


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